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What Every Hypnotist Should Know

When I first got started in hypnosis, it was because I was fascinated by what I’d seen on a television show. This was back before much was known about hypnosis, and I wanted to see whether it could work in real life.

The search for answers led me to first experiment with hypnosis on my own, and then eventually earn a Masters degree in psychology. For years afterwards, I operated a hypnotherapy practice, simply grateful for the business that my knowledge of hypnosis afforded me.

Almost by chance, though, I eventually fell into the world of corporate speaking. Instead of making a few hundred dollars a day, I could make several thousand dollars per hour… and travel around the globe at the same time. My whole world changed in an instant, and at a time when “corporate speaking” was just coming into its own as an industry.

Today, I see far too many hypnotists who are barely getting by because they are focused on individual therapy sessions, low-paying stage shows, and free street hypnosis sessions. What’s worse, they’re paying thousands to learn something that they aren’t making much money from.

I want every hypnotist to know that there is a better way. In January, I will be conducting a Corporate Hypnosis Master Class – along with my good friend and fellow hypnosis pioneer James Mapes – that will be open to a select few who want to learn how to truly profit from hypnosis by giving business presentations.

If you’re interested in finding a way to get more from your hypnotic skills, I encourage you to visit today for more details!